so long

best learning

PATIENCE. I believe that it is certainly a virtue that is so hard to practice.


I cannot believe that my OJT hours is now over and that I have actually exceeded the school’s requirement for both companies. I truly learned a lot more from PUBLiCUS if it is WORK that we are talking about. However, DM9 touched my heart better than the other company. In there, I learned how to act in a corporate environment, commute to Makati City, and appreciate quick breaks. In Ortigas, I became independent since I am no longer with Cyndie. I had time for myself during lunch breaks, which I again stretch into an hour and a half (it is supposed to be 1 hour only). Nobody there gave a negative comment about me. Probably because I finished my daily tasks ahead of time and made extra work at home. In fact, they should be paying my services (kidding). I really think that I have contributed more than what they expected of me. I will surely miss everyone that I have met, the office hours, the phone calls, and the 4-cornered room where I was locked in for the whole summer. I may have not matured greatly over the last 2 months, but I have definitely grown in my own way.

MAY 28

iSKOr ko ‘to! RECORIDA EVENT at Pag-Asa, Quezon City


MAY 22
Followed-up sponsors for the final recorida event
Updated contacts through phone calls and the Internet
MAY 23
Edited & faxed sponsorship proposals
Deposited PUBLiCUS money
Finished database of contacts
MAY 24 & 25
Followed-up sponsors for the final recorida event
Finished database of 4As list of members
MAY 26
Made a summary report on all sponsorship feedback and databases

hell week

This week had been a hell one for me. I can say that I experienced WORK in the true sense of the word. I devoted so much time on researching online, doing phone calls, following up proposals, and even had a chance to go out of the office and speak to store managers myself. WHEW! That was the climax of my whole stay at PUBLiCUS. The night before the day of field marketing, I just could not sleep. I WAS GOING TO BE ALONE ON THAT TASK AND AWAY FROM ANY HELP FROM MISS LANI. I wished hard that rain would prevent me from doing the job; but then again, it was shining so bright the next morning. I was assigned to 5 food stores along Visayas Avenue (good thing I live nearby). I gathered all my guts and talked to each store manager. After each talk, I came out with bulging eyes and burning cheeks. I really felt uncomfortable doing face-to-face marketing. Now that it is over, I feel proud of being able to carry myself well (considering that I do not have much experience with PUBLiCUS but is still expected to do PR for their radio program).


MAY 15
Contacted PANA to get a list of their members
Contacted 4As regarding their media fact book
Researched on PAGCOR
MAY 16
Field Marketing for recorida sponsorship
- McDonald’s
- Jollibee
- Yellow Cab
- Pizza Hut
- Tapa King
MAY 17
Made urgent sponsorship proposals
Finished market research
MAY 18 & 19
Followed-up previous sponsorship proposals
Updated contacts through phone calls and the Internet
iSKOr ko ‘to! Radio program on DZRH


During my interview as well as the briefing I had on the first day, they told me that DISCRETION is a must in their company. Whatever it is that I would find out about their plans and clients, I must leave it there. I think that it is not a hard thing to promise. After all, they were very secretive that I cannot really name names up to now. So much for eavesdropping.

frustrated writer

Miss Bet asked me during the interview if I write well. They were looking for writers that can help them in their advocacy magazine called SPiN!, which will hopefully be published this year. In preparation for this, Sir CP assigned to me the RECORIDA press release. There was no problem whatsoever with the task. It is just that he did not give me any information for the text that he wanted me to submit the next day. How could I be able to write about something without knowing what it really is? He just said: “RESEARCH.” I finished the press release at home and gave him a copy of what I thought was correct. I later on learned that it was not supposed to be discussing the whole recorida event, which will cover the month of May. It was just for the week. So I guess, it was a wrong move. In addition to this assignment, he had me researching the whole night on companies that take hours to completely view their websites. This time, I knew I could not be laid back as I was in DM9.


It is truly overwhelming to see how many lists of contacts PUBLiCUS has. Each list would be about 100 companies or so. The moment I took a hold of those, I decided to compile them into one softcopy. The only problem I encountered was to try to come to office early and be the first one to sit in front of the sole free computer. We were 9 trainees; all taking turns. Actually, it is not the typing that is difficult to do. It is the updating process that needs numerous phone calls. At first, I was hesitant to speak loud enough for the other party to hear me clearly. However, it takes so much time to repeat my lines that I learned to overcome my shyness and get straight to my questions. Sometimes, it does help to be a little straightforward.


Evaluation of iSKOR ko ‘to!
Updated contacts through phone calls and the Internet
Research on assigned companies
MAY 10
Recorida press release
MAY 11
Research on assigned companies
MAY 12
Market research
Briefing on next iSKOR
iSKOr ko ‘to! Radio program on DZRH


I was glad to find out that there was a pretty good number of trainees at PUBLiCUS. As compared to DM9, it was more fun to work with other people my age. In fact, I knew 3 of them already because we met during our interview. At that time, they thought I was applying for a job and not as a trainee. It may sound like a shampoo commercial; but hey, it happens.


Radio Production class in school was not able to train me so well. Even if we had a tour at MBC during junior year, I was still clueless on what hand gesture is to be used and what buttons are to be pressed. Miss Lilibet Amatong (Co-Founder & Executive Producer) guided me during their block-timer program on DZRH. She made me choose 2 winners from a pool of text messages who will be given P500 Smart Load. She said I can decide on my own and that is what I exactly did. I am glad she found me reliable enough.

yellow pages

My first task was to canvass the prices of jerseys, medals, and trophies. Sir CP asked me to give him the results ASAP. I got so tensed that I automatically dialed the numbers of my sporty friends and asked each of them if they happen to know the price range of those items. No one had an idea. I was horrified. I looked around the office and found a directory. WHEW! Finally, I only had to make a few calls and the task was done.


My first day at PUBLiCUS was a mess. I started to feel that it has become a pattern for me to get into trouble during “firsts”. I arrived at Jollibee Building earlier than expected. By the time I got in the office, I was already sweating. BAD NEWS!!! The air-con was not functioning that day. It turned out that they had the place renovated over the weekend. Since most of the things were not in their proper places, the trainees were forced to help do menial jobs. I was totally shocked to have been asked to sweep the floor. HELLO? Miss Hilda (Office Administrator) handed me a broom and told me to start up front. It was no big deal for me because I do sweep my own room; but then, theirs was carpeted. Perhaps, the only lesson I learned that day is to be sensitive to the needs of others. Without me, no one for sure will do the job. Come lunch time, both of my arms were aching. Maybe it is because I did not do so much with my hands at DM9. Oh well…this is it.


PUBLiCUS Company Limited is an “in-house” lobbying and political management firm, which focuses on the pursuance of rightful bills and other policies. In other words, public relations. I never thought I would be applying for a PR company this summer. I am not at all a PR person that is why I consider this OJT experience as a challenge.

application essay

I have always considered Public Relations as a serious field. Not only does it involve logic and critical thinking; it also pushes for some sort of creativity in order to come up with campaigns that are straightforward and appealing at the same time. For these reasons, I believe that I am well-equipped enough with the necessary knowledge and skills expected of from a student-assistant in your company.
Miriam College Education teaches its students the importance of academics and ethics as well as develops them to be women leaders in service. I would like to present myself as such for I truly value unequaled service more than just recognizing it as plain achievement. There is a sense of fulfillment in enjoying what you do while reaching out to other people. I understand that this opinion is in line with your task to serve your clients with utmost dedication. I may not yet have reached the full extent of what lobbying and political management are, but I am definitely willing to learn more than what textbooks can offer.
I can say that my curricular background has exposed me to the different areas of Media and Communication. This enabled me to practice working efficiently within groups as well as individually. I do not have any problems with adjusting and/or adapting to a new environment since I consider every situation as an opportunity to challenge my potentials and competence. I see job training not only as a school requirement, but also as a channel for me to really experience Public Relations on practical manner.
I am also aware of your intentions to promote career options for students. I think that being a student-assistant in your company will further weigh my career outlook; whether it is feasible for me to lean towards Public Relations or not. Apart from this, I consider myself as a goal-oriented person. I set my objectives high and work proactively to make them a reality. I believe that there is much in store for people who are optimistic and diligent. If given the chance, I would certainly put my best efforts to be receptive to change and support your company’s purpose and principles.


Briefing with Sir CP Calma (Junior Researcher)
Briefing with Miss Lani Burgos (Advocacy Marketing)
Price canvassing of jerseys, medals, and trophies
Menial job
Edited sponsorship proposals
Followed-up on previous sponsorship proposals
Arranged calling cards by name of company
Scanned newspapers for possible sponsors
Edited sponsorship proposals for assigned calling cards
Followed-up on previous sponsorship proposals
Made a softcopy of all existing contacts through Excel
Updated contacts through phone calls and the Internet
May 7 (SUNDAY)
“iSKOR ko ‘to!” radio program on DZRH
- assigned inside the radio booth for time check
- chose winners of “Keyr Ko Sey Mo” (text messaging segment)


One of the people I like working with at DM9 aside from Herbert was Juanpaolo. He was our constant companion during all the field work we were assigned to. Since he grew up in the States, it is natural for him to speak in English with the American accent. Sometimes, it is difficult for me to grasp what he says but because he is patient enough, he makes it a point to slow down his speaking and explain to me what he is trying to say. Now, I have truly learned the value of patience. I was not aware of anything much before until I cared to stop and give time for things to settle down first. Hence, I deprived myself of the booming flowers and the rainbows just before sunshine. I only saw drought or storm. For this change in me, I am forever grateful and proud as well to have been taught an important value by two men who stood as friends and colleagues even for a short period of time.

the peak

Now that I have been exposed to the processes of DM9-JaymeSyfu, both in and out of the office, I can say that it is not easy to work in this field without enjoying it. I need to be well-versed, skillful, and strategic to join the fast-pace world of advertising. When they told us to come and watch their shoot (pictorial) for Smart 3G, Cyndie and I instantly reached the peak of our excitement. However, it started too late that we needed to leave the set without seeing even just one shot. Too bad, we take the MRT going home. We had to hurry up and catch the last trip heading back North.

an escape

The last few days of our stay at DM9 did not trigger me to hold back my tears and hiccups. In fact, I was glad it was coming to an end. Not that I did not enjoy a single time in there; it is just that I know and am certain of that more opportunities are waiting for me outside DM9’s office. I was even able to finish 2 books during our hours. One of which was “The Da Vinci Code”. This only means that we had more free time than work load. Considering my slow reading ability, it is quite a shock to have finished a novel while working. Our usual scenario after entering the office would be like this: Cyndie connects to the Internet while I escape time by sitting comfortably on my chair, reading.


Brainstorming on Schering-Plough Corporate Ad with Herbert
Presentation of Schering-Plough Corporate Ad to Louie
Went to Department of Trade & Industry (DTI) for Smart promotions
Took pictures of different Mc Café and its competitors with Juanpaolo
Print Shoot for Smart 3G at Halo Bar
Brainstorming on Smart Padala with Herbert
Last Day


McDonald’s has targeted the masses by having Manny Pacquiao as their endorser for Chicken McDo. This changed their image from a high-end fast food restaurant to those who cater to the lower classes.
“One-piece chicken meal isn’t a real meal. It’s just a snack!” ---Ad Board

in a nutshell

Time spent is time lost forever. We need to weigh which things matter most to us.


It was really a pleasure to have finally gone out to a real field work. It was one of those days when I grab a book from my bag, flip the pages, and read on until I half-doze off to dreamland. We were not doing anything. There was a lot of work; true. However, I sensed that they would not let trainees get too much involved with the accounts because they are supposed to be CONFIDENTIAL (oops!) and that we do not have a wide background on CREATIVITY (think of storyboards and layout). That is why my stomach filled with butterflies as soon a I heard that we would be coming with 2 accounts people in a presentation to Ad Board. When Cyndie and I got there, I automatically felt a kind of hesitation. I so wanted to work for a reputable advertising agency someday; but now, I am no longer sure. I think I would be leaning towards the other fields, instead. Something that is not absolutely related to ads. More so, my whole perception of advertisers changed. In my opinion, they are not at all TRULY happy. They do get paid with a high salary; but then, they are stuck in the same room and same work for the rest of their lives. Although they might be doing several accounts which totally differ from one another; still, all they do is think of a message and how to creatively send it out. Also, advertising is very time-consuming. DM9 people do not only face their PCs or laptops all throughout the day. They also work over-time for shoots and other extra field work.

waiting in vain

Our fourth week of training at DM9 went too fast. We did not realize how short our stay there is until we nearly completed the required 150 OJT hours. I personally thought that it would be hard to complete since a week has just been spent for the Lenten season. Cyndie started pouring out her emotions, saying that she would definitely miss the office people and the city itself. I felt the other way around. I was so excited to leave DM9 and Makati. I wanted to carry on ASAP with the second company I applied for in Ortigas. I roughly enjoyed my stay in the advertising field. I do not know if it is because of the place (I ride the MRT everyday and experience a lot of squeezing in and stepping on), the office (few employees means small space), the food (we hardly eat “real” food because we go out for quick snacks and lunch meals at fast food restos---you will lose your appetite once you see the long lines and the swarming of corporate folks in Greenbelt), the people (the employees are way too busy to notice your breathing gaps; plus, they do not have much to ask from trainees), the citizens (I find them “sosyal” anti-social), or the job. I JUST WANTED TO GET OF THERE. PERIOD.


Researched on present ads and other PR materials of DM9’s account competitors
Went to Ad Board for DM9’s HBC OHM & McDonald’s Chicken Fillet presentation
Computed reimbursements on TVCs and print advertisement
Posed for Smart I-Mode Print Advertisement
Researched on possible Smart Infinity endorsers
Made a softcopy of HBC OHM’s focus group discussion
Brainstorming on HBC Allue with Herbert
Layout workshop with Gogie