The “beauty” of DM9 strongly considered Vhong Navarro as a new Smart endorser. She wanted him so much that we were left thinking that Mr. Suave could replace action star Robin Padilla any time soon.


During that Monday night, Miss Merlee and Sir Eugene asked us to provide them an output of the research we made on possible Smart Padala endorsers. The good thing was that we have already emailed it to Marj (Accounts) who assigned that task to us. They discussed with us the reasons why we ended up with the comedians/comediennes we have included in our list. It was really a nerve-wracking conversation. I was so conscious of my diction because my lips started to tremble ONCE AGAIN (just like the public speaking classes). I did not want to make any mistake, of course! After which, I realized how much Cyndie and I make a team. She can speak what is on my mind, deliver what I intend to say, and back me up for every dead air there is. This is the first time we felt as if we were defending our paper in school; just not in front of a panel of professors, but of advertising gurus.


Holy Week was supposedly my third week at DM9. Although I spent 3 days in Batangas, we still started the week at the office. Actually, I felt lucky enough to have almost a week off since we have been staying in the 4 corners of DM9 from 9 or 1o in the morning up to 6 or 7 in the evening. The only time we had a chance to go out was during an hour and a half lunch break, which Cyndie and I usually maximize into 2 full hours.


Discussion with Miss Merlee and Sir Eugene
Carlo’s Despedida
APRIL 11 to 13
Holy Week spent in Batangas
“Ilaw” at Marikina City


The next day after our field work in the malls, we found out that they did not use the shirts. Instead, somebody rushed into SM the night before and bought WHITE ones. All our energy was put to waste. Sometimes, you just have to make second thoughts and late decisions.


Among all the people in DM9, I see that Herbert is the most hospitable. Maybe it is because of our two or 3-year age gap that we find it comforting to talk to him rather than the others who seem to be glued on their computers and only stretches their legs every half an hour to smoke in the pantry. In him, I saw patience. He never left questions unanswered and never failed to explain his beliefs. He shared his way of thinking and taught me to brainstorm in a different manner. He even made us work gracefully under pressure. By the way, he is a member of a popular band named Moonsatr88. It was really nice to have met him; especially that I do not have any male figures at home. One more thing, he was also open to us regarding facts about life, GOD, love, and work that made me wonder how much he has matured at a young age. Hopefully, when I have made my dreams into reality, I could be just like him…simple yet bursting with sentimentality.

mall hopping

My second week at DM9, to my disappointment, had nothing much to do with advertising. Oh well…I may have been given points on how to effectively send a certain message to a target audience; but then, most of the things assigned to us were clerical work. I do not know until now if it is really part of the job description (they admitted that they still lack a training program since they had only started operating independently for nearly half a year) to buy stuff in the mall. I know it is for their presentation and that, somehow, part of it would be credited to the things they would be wearing; things we looked for in 3 big malls! We started off with Park Square to buy iron-on paper…nothing. Next, we went to Glorietta. After a long walk and a few side glances on stores having summer sales, we finally found what we needed at National Bookstore (why have we not thought about it earlier). The second and last task was for us to buy plain black shirts in 3 different sizes. The twist? It should only cost us less than 200 pesos each. In Makati malls? Not more than P200? Are they kidding us? Thank GOD, SM Makati stands up with pride just a few meters away from Glorietta (imagine the sudden walkathon we championed in). DEPARTMENT STORE!!! Men’s section. We ended up carrying bags of shirts and a smile on our faces as we go back to the office. No doubt, it was a job well done.

7th of april

Real love is when you love someone without asking anything in return. It is when even a passing smile can make your day, a simple pat on the back can make you feel alive, and the mere sound of his voice can move you to breakout into a song inside. Real love is not fate nor is it written in the stars. You yourself have to make love happen. It is a choice; a commitment that you stand up for. And even of you are certain that he loves you back, you take the risk of facing whatever pain that would come your way simply because you believe he is worth everything and more.


OJT Class at MC
Computed reimbursements and other expenditures for office supplies
Brainstorm on Smart I-Mode
- “I am in the MODE for…”
- pros & cons of using the Internet
- time is currency (in connection to speed and portability)

Went to the malls to buy iron-on paper and black shirts for DM9’s Smart I-Mode presentation
Made an accounting of over-time salaries
Briefing on Dm9’s entries for Cannes Festival
Researched on possible Smart Padala endorsers (comedian/comedienne)