worth my time

I thought that advertising agencies, especially those who handle big accounts such as Smart and McDonald’s, have big offices. I can say that Dm9 is humble in space as well as in its manpower. If I am not mistaken, they only have 6 people in the Creatives and 5 in the Accounts when we were first introduced. The good thing in DM9 is that they serve free coffee (CYNDIE learned to drink COFFEE in MAKATI…rhyming!). I now see how important it is for busy people to stay up and think quick. We had a dose of what it takes to be in the advertising field when we were asked to list down possible promotions for Allue, a cosmetic line for tweens. It took us half a day in coming up with new ideas! It may sound easy but we were not expecting for numerous corrections on our draft. Some of the promos we wrote were already thought of by others or were not much of an attention-getter. Miss Merlee wanted to bring out the kids in us; and so we thought of cyber games, makeover vans, and retouching booths. Since we finished late, we just sent our detailed report through email. We were glad to hear the next day that she was pleased with our work and that they included it in their Allue presentation. I guess, that is what makes it all worthwhile.

hakuna matata

When Cyndie and I first entered the office of Dm9, a sudden gush of excitement filled my entire being. This is no exaggeration. I really felt as if I was a fresh college graduate who was getting ready for my first job as a Communication Arts practitioner; but then again, I had some worries. What if I cannot do the tasks they would be assigning to me? What if I cannot remember terms or definitions that are supposed to be significant and mastered? What if I cannot utter a single word if asked to explain advertising concepts or, perhaps, the difference between ads and promotions? What if I fail to be the person I dreamed of being since freshman days? So much for pessimism. Why think of negativity when in fact, we were accepted as trainees right away after a call to the BEAUTY of DM9...ehem, the one and only Miss Merlee Jayme (“the boss“). After that call I made to her, she said we could already start as soon as possible so that we could complete our hours just in time. She is not only beautiful, she is also witty and very much accommodating.


My first day in DM9 was an absolute humiliation. Not only did I go in the office in corporate attire (everyone was in jeans and shirt); I even had the most NOTICEABLE trip at the front stairs of the building (Salustiana D. Ty Tower along Paseo de Roxas) during lunch time, when all of Makati’s corporate population are on the streets and walking to their favorite 12 o’clock spots. As I strutted my way down the lobby and out under the blazing sun, having no clue that I would be epitomizing an accident freak this summer, I began wobbling for a few seconds and decided to just let go of my shifty weight. The next thing I knew, I was already down on the floor…aching in embarrassment while being lifted by two muscular biceps. It would have been lovely to find out a hunk had saved me from an unfortunate condition…but no, he was tremendously shaking as he fought back his nearly-erupting laughter. Worse, MA. CYNDIE BIEN JUST STOOD AT THE FIRST STEP OF THE STAIRS. Staring…with no hint of emotion on her face, whatsoever. Oh well, it might have been the first time she questioned herself why we ended up being together in DM9.


Introduction to Creative Department
- Eugene (Executive Creative Director)
- Jerry (Executive Art Director)
- Gogie (Art Director)
- Herbert (Creative Artist)
- Louie (Executive Copy Director)
- Mike (Copy Director)
Briefing & Brainstorming on HBC Allue

Copywriting & Promotions on HBC Allue
MARCH 29 & 30
OJT Interview & OJT Enrollment

Arrangement of print materials and other archives according to date of issue
Researched present print advertisements and PR materials from the newspapers
- Crossings
- McDonald’s
- Coppertone
- Smart
- HBC Allue